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Prenatal Massage




 Nurtured Mother • Healthy Baby

Pregnancy massage is an excellent complement to your prenatal care. For low-risk pregnancies women have found massage to be a nurturing and healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. As a woman’s body changes during the pregnancy, massage can offer relief for many of these common issues:

backache • sciatic nerve pain • leg cramps/swelling • lower pelvic discomfort  • delayed labor 

Prenatal massage has also been found to relieve feeling of anxiety and depression and can improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Women with low-risk pregnancies are able to receive prenatal massage at any point during their pregnancy and this is a perfect way to carve out some self-care time before baby arrives.

Mothers will receive a 75 minute session typically in side-lying position to address areas of tension, common pregnancy discomfort, and body + belly nurturing. 


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